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18 July 2005

Time for a rethink....


I've been thrilled that some lovely people have signed up to my pledge. But with only a couple of days to go it looks like I'm not going to get the 400 people to sign up.

"Oh dear Cola - you must be very upset about this?"

Well my interweb chums I was a little sad. I may even have shed a tear into my weetabix this morning. However, then it struck me that there was no need to look at this as a defeat for somehow I could make a positive outcome.

"Gosh Cola - how do you intend to do that?"

Well - I've set up a new pledge!!

"Cola you truly are a genius."

*blush* Shh now.

Anyway - I have set up a new pledge which is at www.pledgebank.com/onepercent

It's the same as the old pledge, but with a slightly smaller target (100) and a shorter time frame (about a month). I've also revised the wording so that it now says income rather than salary following some comments from bloggers and pledgers alike.

So I'm going to email all my pledgers in a minute and hope that most of them will sign up. (eek!)

I shall update my blog soon (promise) and absolutely promise an update on pledge numbers, my Glastonbury report and a fabulous idea the lovely Zoe had for seeing where and how people give their money.

If at first you don't succeed....




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