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06 July 2005

Houston we have a problem....

Well maybe not on that scale but things are a little slow on the pledge front.

Probably not helped by my lack of blog action in the last 2 weeks. My lovely reader bogan suggested that my lap-top may have been washed away at Glastonbury - not the case although it could have been in the deluge! I've just had very boring work related reasons for not blogging that I shan't waste moments of your precious time explaining. Anyway, things are a bit quieter now so I am back in interweb world.

I shall do a much longer post about my fun filled frolicks in Somerset and about trying to get people to sign up whilst there (not as easy as I'd hoped!) a little later this week but for the moment I shall just stick with a little plea.

I currently have 127 lovely pledgees - hurrah! However - I need 400 for my pledge to succeed.


So a little plea to anyone reading this - please, please sign up if you haven't already. And if you have, talk 2 of your mates into signing up. Get them to text in - if they say they'll do it later tell them they can do it now!

It would be a shame if the pledge failed because it could make such a massive difference to charity for such a small amount of effort.

And I'll sulk for days :(

More later in the week but sign up purlease....

Cola (batting eyelashes with nicest sign-up please smile on face)


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