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02 June 2005

Where's Bob Geldof.....

Woo yay!!

Two more people have signed up. Better still I don't know who they are!

It's about time some more people signed up - I can't believe people are being so tight!! I'll have to ask Bob Geldof to mention it at Live8 (he is a close personal friend after all!!?!) . Maybe I can get a Spice Girl to sign up (Ginger must need the publicity - limited though it is...)

Anyway - it's mine and Mr Cola's 10th anniversary (not of marriage - just of tolerating each other) at the weekend and we're having a little bash. So I shall be employing strong arm tactics. I shall report soon.





At 12:08 pm, Blogger Francis said...

Fab stuff Cola, and good luck at your bash!


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