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11 June 2005

Shoegazers and non-believers


I'm up to a massive 13 pledgers (unlucky for some - not me though!). I am starting to get a little concerned that people don't want to sign up for my pledge. Hope has not gone yet though - blind optimism will out!

The lovely Tim commented on my pledge and blog that he thought that there was a problem with my pledge that there is a feeling that this kind of philanthropy is seen as somewhat smug and self-congratulatory. I have to agree that it is, but does that mean it's a bad thing. It rather depends if you go round shoutung about it, which most people don't do. I actually work for a big charity myself, and I know there are a number of very famous people who give large amounts to the charity I work for, but don't publicise it for specifically that reason. Perhaps this is more to do with the cynical way in which the British brain works - maybe we should be more like the Americans on this front (not something I'd hear myself say very often!).

Also it was mentioned that making the pledge from gross earnings was unfair on the wealthy! It's not really - if people can afford it they can afford it. If I were to make the pledge from net salary it wouldn't be nearly as worthwhile.

However, I'd like to thank Tim for his points, some of which are quite valid in. And also thanks for signing up.

I shall continue with my postering campaign for now. However if anyone of my lovely pledgees is going to Glastonbury - look out for my little campaign which I will be mounting...





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