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20 June 2005

Once more unto Somerset my friends....

Hi there

So tomorrow evening I am off to the fabulous Glastonbury festival (woo!). I will be getting on a fun coach provided courtesy of the very lovely people at the Workers Beer Company.

Fear not though! I have to take my lap-top with me, so I can provide daily updates on the magic and madness! I will be spending most of my time in the Leftfield where great music and politics will be happening (and the cider bus obviously!)

Anyway, my extra pledge has worked and I've got some pledge promoters to help me (just sent you an email if you're reading this).

Enough on Glasto already! I had a lovely comment on my previous comment by a lovely Antipodean - I have officially gone international! Holly Valance eat your heart out!

Anyway - I am thrilled that you want to sign up and definitely sign your friends up! Anyone anywhere in the world should sign up if they want to. Better still - get your friends to sign up and set up your own pledge in your home country. Get as many people as you can!

I think probably now is a good time to finish blogging - my next entry will be from the fab fields of glastonbury!




At 3:10 pm, Blogger bogan said...

Was your laptop washed away?


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