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29 May 2005

It's oh so quiet.....


I sent an email round to all my friends on Thursday evening excitedly telling them about my pledge. Now normally I get a couple of emails a day from various people, but all of a sudden everyone has gone very quiet. Could this be a coincidence?

I don't want to start getting heavy with people but it's really not very much money is it? 1% is not a lot and saying you can't afford it is rubbish. Just go out 1 night less in a month - not only will you help people, you'll also help yourself by giving your overworked liver a rest!

Anyway - if any of you lot are reading this I will be adopting guerilla tactics to make you sign up. Watch this space.

I'm off to a gig tonight at the Islington Academy and I will be handing out pledgecards to people there - we shall have to see if they're a bit more generous....



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