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26 May 2005

Hi people who just got an email


Ok - a bit more explanation.

I was drunk when I came up with the idea (post FA Cup & Eurovision) - probably explains a bit more, but I really hope it'll work.

Mainly because I don't do nearly enough for charity - 1% works out moneywise as less than £20 a month. If I'd run a marathon, which is entirely likely (ahem), you'd be more than happy to sponsor me. So just think of it as a marathon a month or something!

It is important to stress that if you sign up you don't have to give your 1% unless I get a full 400 people. If you do sign up it'll make a real difference if we get enough people. Make sure you pass this on to loads of people to give maximum exposure for my craziness (althhough it's clearly not as crazy as the crazy frog!!).

Anyhoo - I'll be updating you all on my campaigning techniques and I'd like input from you lovely people with any ideas. I will be making a fool of myself giving out leaflets and looking like a local mentalist and I will provide pictoral evidence on this little webby diary type thing.

ttfn my lovelies




At 11:49 am, Blogger Francis said...

If you make some nice leaflets or posters, worth trying posting them up electronically and getting some others to deliver them. Especially as you get more signers on board, and can ask them to help promote the pledge.


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