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31 May 2005

Guerilla action

Well then....

It appears that all my friends have gone suspiciously quiet about signing up to my pledge. I'll do some more work on them later.

So on Sunday I went on the offensive with the general public. I took the opportunity of an evening out to share the joy of my pledge. I started by journeying to far away North London using the fabulous Victoria Line tube. My little campaign began with some surreptitious leaflets finding their way on to the advertising:

You'll notice that I have sensibly disguised myself with a camoflauge jacket and some outlandish sunglasses as any sensible guerilla would do.

My flyer adventure - Tube

Next to the toilets at my destination:

My flyer adventure - Loos

It was a bit tricky to flyer them but I used some chewing gum to stick it on the back of the door (which was frankly a stroke of genius on my part).

My flyer adventure - Waiting

As you'll see above I was practicing my leafletting outside a gig stance earnestly before people came out and:

My flyer adventure - Victims

Success! Lot's of people take my leaflets. Only 2 people dropped them (good result) and I recycled those thereby spreading the joy to even more people!

Now we wait and hope they sign up.

Tomorrow I shall be targetting Soho when I meet a friend for a drink. I shall also be hassling him to sign up!!




At 11:17 pm, Blogger bogan said...

I already give at least .80% of my gross salary to charity (via direct debit every month). I earn... a lot and my salary is my only source of income. Does the odd sponsorship of a mate doing a run etc count or does it have to be regular? I'm sure I make 1%, I just don't keep track of it.

At 10:44 am, Blogger Cola said...

That's not bad at all. Perhaps though if you earn a lot and you can afford it you should consider 1% separately. I'd still sponsor mates anyway (and I'm sure you would to). It probably wouldn't work out too expensive!


At 4:16 pm, Blogger Tom Steinberg said...

Wow - fantastic to see people using PledgeBank like this out in the wild world.

Two things to say - first, you might want to try some of the A4 leaflets available, or even the version that you can edit yourself. It means you can tailor them better for the environment where you're handing them out or leaving them.

Second, I've found that nagging people to sign up to things via SMS whilst out and about has a nearly 100% success rate!


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