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17 August 2005

My 1% is sorted

Well I've done it!!

I have now dished out my 1% to charity and just have to wait for it to come out of my account once a month (direct debit is such a marvellous thing).

Anyway, I've decided to split my money two ways so I have set up a £9.50 a month direct debit to Medicins sans frontiers (www.msf.org) and the same amount to Amnesty International (http://www.amnesty.org.uk/). Hurrah!

£19 per month is actually very slightly over 1%, but I felt really tight giving out £18.36!!!

Thanks to everyone who has emailed me with tales of where you will be giving your money. It's a really interesting variety of places. I shall give you all some detail here about it very soon.

ta ta



15 August 2005

Lovely people

Just a quickie.

I just wanted to thank everyone who has commented so far - it's great to have such a positive response. I'll blog later on with news of my 1% and other exciting things.

Just a quick note to those of you who don't have a blogger account (and don't want to sign up). Feel free to email me and I'll somehow try and include the emails on my blog.

Thanks all


PS. A big BOO HISS to the spammers who attacked my blog overnight. I am not impressed .I shall fix you with some software later (ha ha ha ha ha ha ha - demonic laugh!)

14 August 2005

Wahey! Pledge successful


I have 100 people for my new pledge and therefore - I AM A WINNER!!!!

I'm so chuffed - I was away for a couple of days and what do you know it's all happening.

I've just emailed all the people from the old pledge telling them the good news (and also to try and get a few more of them to sign up as there are still a few days to go).

Anyway - I would love to know where people decide to give their 1%. Therefore if people would like to leave a comment telling me who they're giving it to on my blog that would be fab. It would also be really interesting to find out how you decided to give - monthly, one-off payment etc., and how much you gave. I may then try and do some fabulous statistical analysis, possibly involving pie charts!

I'm going to keep the blog going with news so please come back and visit me soon!!




05 August 2005

The heat is on (na na na na etc.)....

Hi People

Well - the new pledge is doing v well - 65 lovely people have signed up, so only another 35 to go. Anyone who's reading and hasn't signed up do it now (for me!).

What I'm wondering is though, where are the other 100 people who signed up for the first pledge? I think they're lost in web-land somewhere.

Anyway - I shall email some people and try and convince them to sign up. It would be a shame if I didn't get OVER the 100 people I'm looking for.




18 July 2005

Time for a rethink....


I've been thrilled that some lovely people have signed up to my pledge. But with only a couple of days to go it looks like I'm not going to get the 400 people to sign up.

"Oh dear Cola - you must be very upset about this?"

Well my interweb chums I was a little sad. I may even have shed a tear into my weetabix this morning. However, then it struck me that there was no need to look at this as a defeat for somehow I could make a positive outcome.

"Gosh Cola - how do you intend to do that?"

Well - I've set up a new pledge!!

"Cola you truly are a genius."

*blush* Shh now.

Anyway - I have set up a new pledge which is at www.pledgebank.com/onepercent

It's the same as the old pledge, but with a slightly smaller target (100) and a shorter time frame (about a month). I've also revised the wording so that it now says income rather than salary following some comments from bloggers and pledgers alike.

So I'm going to email all my pledgers in a minute and hope that most of them will sign up. (eek!)

I shall update my blog soon (promise) and absolutely promise an update on pledge numbers, my Glastonbury report and a fabulous idea the lovely Zoe had for seeing where and how people give their money.

If at first you don't succeed....



06 July 2005

Houston we have a problem....

Well maybe not on that scale but things are a little slow on the pledge front.

Probably not helped by my lack of blog action in the last 2 weeks. My lovely reader bogan suggested that my lap-top may have been washed away at Glastonbury - not the case although it could have been in the deluge! I've just had very boring work related reasons for not blogging that I shan't waste moments of your precious time explaining. Anyway, things are a bit quieter now so I am back in interweb world.

I shall do a much longer post about my fun filled frolicks in Somerset and about trying to get people to sign up whilst there (not as easy as I'd hoped!) a little later this week but for the moment I shall just stick with a little plea.

I currently have 127 lovely pledgees - hurrah! However - I need 400 for my pledge to succeed.


So a little plea to anyone reading this - please, please sign up if you haven't already. And if you have, talk 2 of your mates into signing up. Get them to text in - if they say they'll do it later tell them they can do it now!

It would be a shame if the pledge failed because it could make such a massive difference to charity for such a small amount of effort.

And I'll sulk for days :(

More later in the week but sign up purlease....

Cola (batting eyelashes with nicest sign-up please smile on face)

20 June 2005

Once more unto Somerset my friends....

Hi there

So tomorrow evening I am off to the fabulous Glastonbury festival (woo!). I will be getting on a fun coach provided courtesy of the very lovely people at the Workers Beer Company.

Fear not though! I have to take my lap-top with me, so I can provide daily updates on the magic and madness! I will be spending most of my time in the Leftfield where great music and politics will be happening (and the cider bus obviously!)

Anyway, my extra pledge has worked and I've got some pledge promoters to help me (just sent you an email if you're reading this).

Enough on Glasto already! I had a lovely comment on my previous comment by a lovely Antipodean - I have officially gone international! Holly Valance eat your heart out!

Anyway - I am thrilled that you want to sign up and definitely sign your friends up! Anyone anywhere in the world should sign up if they want to. Better still - get your friends to sign up and set up your own pledge in your home country. Get as many people as you can!

I think probably now is a good time to finish blogging - my next entry will be from the fab fields of glastonbury!